10 Ways to Express Patriotism

Patriotism is how we show appreciation for our country and the history that shapes us. Here ten ways that you can express your patriotism.

  1. Learn American History. 

    You can learn American history by reading history books, watching documentaries, or even visiting a history museum. Learning your country’s history give you a deeper sense of connection and appreciation for your country.
  2. Fly an American Flag Properly. 

    Flying a flag is a classic way to express patriotism. However, there is a correct way to fly an American Flag. Here are some rules you may not have known when it comes to flying your American flag: your flag must be the highest flag on a flagpole, you must make sure it is lit if your fly it at night, and it must never touch the ground. If your flag gets damaged over time, it should be disposed by a proper burning ceremony.
  3. Support Veterans. 

    You should give back and pay your respects to those who gave everything for your freedom. You can support a veteran through donations or volunteering your time. Many veterans come back from battle and suffer from trauma or are wounded, it is the least we can do to support our veterans. You can also pay your respects by visiting monuments that are around the United States that honor the fallen.
  4. Made in the U.S.A. 

    Going out of your way to purchase items that are made in the U.S.A. is a great way to support local business and make sure you are supporting your country. Going out of your way to buy local goods made in the U.S.A. is a small but impactful way to give back American businesses and workers.
  5. Understand Your Constitutional Rights. 

    The rights in the Constitution are fundamental rights guaranteed to every American. It is important not to take these freedoms for granted. If American citizens do not understand the importance of all the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution, it becomes easier for the government to infringe these rights. 
  6. Wear Patriotic Clothing. 

    Being patriotic is an internal appreciation for your country but looking the part can help show your patriotism to those around you. Wearing a shirt, like the ones from Constitution Kids, with an American flag on it is a classic look that shows the world you love America.
  7. Learn about Political Parties. 

    There is a long history to the political parties in America. Understanding not only the party that you identify with, but the other political parties will help you understand the reasoning behind many of the policies of each political party. When you understand the political parties, you can also easily predict how the government will react to certain proposed legislation and social issues in America.
  8. Volunteer. 

    Taking care of your local community by volunteering your time will give you a sense of responsibility for your local citizens. This will instill a sense of belonging and help you better connect with your local Americans.
  9. Learn about American Values. 

    America is a melting pot that is held together by commonly held values. Understanding the underlying values of America will help build a foundation for your general knowledge of America and give you a new appreciation for our Constitution.
  10. Vote. 

    What makes America’s government great is that the people elect government officials through a democratic process. Voting is the ultimate expression of patriotism. Once you are of age make sure you register to vote and research the candidates running for election so you can participate in the democratic process.